Premium Audio Company Powering Up for May Launch

Premium Audio Company, the parent company of the Klipsch and Jamo brands, is ramping up operations for its official May launch in Australia.

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Premium Audio Company Australia Partners with SnapAV

Premium Audio Company, the holding company for distribution of the Klipsch and Jamo brands, has announced that SnapAV will be its distribution partner for its custom installation products in Australia.

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Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 BT Desktop System Announced

Klipsch has announced the updated ProMedia 2.1 BT powered speaker system giving your home office desk an upgrade.

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Klipsch Cinema Soundbar Range Launched

As the festive season looms ever-closer, Klipsch has announced a quartet of wireless soundbars to boost the audio of your choice of holiday blockbusters.

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Premium Audio Co

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Klipsch Sets Up Australian Operations

In a move that no one in the industry saw coming, Klipsch, the Indianapolis based loudspeaker brand have announced it is establishing direct operations within Australia.

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Klipsch Announces T5 II True Wireless Earphones Range

Klipsch has announced its T5 II true wireless earphone range, including McLaren Racing-inspired flagship Sport model.

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Will Klipsch Hardware and Dirac Optimisation Prove a Killer Combo?

Klipsch and Dirac Research are collaborating on new headphones due later this year. Klipsch says Dirac will "unleash the full potential of the earphones."

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Klipsch The Fives aim to take on Soundbars

Those who don’t want to be surrounded by loudspeakers in their TV room often opt for the soundbar compromise. But since few soundbars produce convincing surround sound, why not just go for high-quality stereo speakers?

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Klipsch La Scala AL5 Floorstanding Speaker Review

Move beyond its anachronistic looks, and this is a loudspeaker of great ability, says David Price…

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