Melbourne’s High End Home Cinema Specialists, Entertaining Environments

Why sit with strangers at the cinema, all too often listening to sub-standard surround sound systems when you can have an even greater experience from your very own home? Melbourne's Entertaining Environments can show you how.

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Kaleidescape Impresses at International HiFi Show

Kaleidescape's Native 4K Strato player featured in Entertaining Environments $100,000 Dolby Atmos cinema impressed attendees of the Melbourne International HiFi Show.

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Experience the $100,000 Dolby Atmos Home Cinema Demonstration

Entertaining Environments are excited to announce they will be exhibiting a fully immersive 7.2.4 Dolby ATMOS cinema valued at $100,000, at the 2016 Melbourne International HiFi Show.

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Want to hear a $330,000+ HiFi System?

Come along and hear a $330,000+ HiFi System from Entertaining Environments at the 2016 Melbourne International HiFi Show.

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Aavik Acoustics Lands at Entertaining Environments

Scandanavia's Aavik Acoustics are creators of state-of-the-art amplifiers which feature cutting edge technology and a design based on traditional principles.

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Simaudio Moon 430HA Headphone Amplifier

The Moon series of products from Canadian manufacturer Simaudio has been highly regarded by press and enthusiasts since the early 80s.

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The Right Solution from Entertaining Environments

With more ways to play tunes than ever before, give your music the system it deserves!

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Seebo Brings Entertainment to a New Level

Seebo promises to be unlike any entertainment device you've used before. Combining a set-top box, with streaming and a media player, Seebo likely has a place in every loungeroom.

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