Upcoming Linn Lounge Events

Linn have put together a roadshow known as the "Linn Lounge" which demonstrates iconic artists at their best on a Linn system in Studio Master, the highest quality available, anywhere.

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Into the Future with Advance Audio

Advance Audio Australia are one of the industry’s most supported distributors in the country, and for good reason. StereoNET was on hand at their recent 2014 Dealer Conference.

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What you wanted to know about Electrostatic Speakers

One of the most famous names in Electrostatic Speakers, MartinLogan, are shown here on 'How It's Made'.

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KEF’s Tilt Into TV Sound

Traditional speaker brand KEF is the latest legacy brand to romp into Soundbars. KEF’s offering is the KEF V soundbar and wireless subwoofer which KEF says are adept at bringing Vocals to life.

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Hegel HD25 DAC Review

The HD25 from Norwegian AV manufacturer Hegel, is the brand’s flagship Digital-to-Analogue Convertor (DAC), or ‘Digital Hub’ in their words. StereoNET takes a closer look at the HD25.

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KEF’s New M500 Headphones

UK speaker icon, Kef has taken the covers of its svelte new M500 headphone. An on-ear model with Rolex-watch finish, and finished using precision-engineered aluminium the M500 is stylish, rugged yet refined.

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TruAudio SubTerrain Underground Subwoofer

Great woofage in a small package. That’s TruAudio’s latest mission which sees a brand with a huge amount of experience designing architectural speakers investing in a compact outdoor, underground subwoofer with a big sound called aptly, the Subterrain.

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