What you wanted to know about Electrostatic Speakers

One of the most famous names in Electrostatic Speakers, MartinLogan, are shown here on 'How It's Made'.

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KEF’s Tilt Into TV Sound

Traditional speaker brand KEF is the latest legacy brand to romp into Soundbars. KEF’s offering is the KEF V soundbar and wireless subwoofer which KEF says are adept at bringing Vocals to life.

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The HD25 from Norwegian AV manufacturer Hegel, is the brand’s flagship Digital-to-Analogue Convertor (DAC), or ‘Digital Hub’ in their words. StereoNET takes a closer look at the HD25.

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KEF’s New M500 Headphones

UK speaker icon, Kef has taken the covers of its svelte new M500 headphone. An on-ear model with Rolex-watch finish, and finished using precision-engineered aluminium the M500 is stylish, rugged yet refined.

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TruAudio SubTerrain Underground Subwoofer

Great woofage in a small package. That’s TruAudio’s latest mission which sees a brand with a huge amount of experience designing architectural speakers investing in a compact outdoor, underground subwoofer with a big sound called aptly, the Subterrain.

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