Posted on 22nd October, 2017


Newbies to hi-fi shows have a lot to sample, but few products will dazzle them as much as a pair of Stax Electrostatic headphones.

Regarded as benchmarks, Stax Electrostatic headphones have the ability to put a live performance between your ears like few models can.

Audio Marketing, the Australian Stax distributor, will have a full suite of Stax models for visitors to audition at this year’s Melbourne International HiFi Show. One model that will wow show attendees is sure to be the flagship SRS-007 Omega Mk2 Reference Ear Speaker powered by the Stax SRM-007t Mk2 Vacuum Tube driver amplifier.

The responsive speed of electrostatic headphone drivers powered by the warmth and tonal naturalness of a valve amplifier leaves rival models in their wake. Our advice? Pencil in the Stax display as a “must visit” in both the Lake 3 and 1201 rooms.

Audio Marketing will also be showing a raft of models from Musical Fidelity, Triangle speakers, Krell, Axis Loudspeakers, Peachtree Audio and a vast range of highly regarded Inakustik interconnect, speaker and tonearm cables that recently received a rave review here on StereoNET.

Highlights are sure to be Musical Fidelity’s swank, champagne class Nu-Vista 600 integrated amplifier rated at 220 watts per channel and using Nu-Vista miniature valves. A model combing the delicacy and refinement of the valve sound with brute power.

Musical Fidelity Nuvista 600

Axis loudspeakers is an Australian manufacturer of world-class speakers. One model that has to be auditioned is the stunningly styled Voicebox FLS, a slim floor standing speaker with a huge realistic sound.

Krell will feature heavily in the Audio Marketing suite, and the model we’re hanging out to hear is the Digital Vanguard 200 watt integrated amplifier that’s packed with Krell’s streaming and most musical sounding technologies.

Appealing to novices and audiophiles alike, Peachtree Audio’s nova150 amplifier will be playing sweetly in the Audio Marketing room. The nova150 is a first of a new generation that features the brand’s class a/b amplifier, a visible valve buffer stage and bundles of streaming and Wi-Fi options.

Visit Audio Marketing in Room 1201 at Melbourne International HiFi Show, November 3rd - 5th 2017. Pullman Mercure Hotel, Queens Road, Albert Park.

Tickets are on sale now.

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