YG Acoustics Sonja XV Delivers for Big Spenders

Posted on 9th August, 2016

YG Acoustics Sonja XV Delivers for Big Spenders

YG Acoustics, the Colorado, USA based high end speaker manufacturer have announced an upgrade to their flagship Sonja loudspeaker. The Sonja XV steps it up a notch, and commands a hefty price tag to match.

StereoNET spoke exclusively with Dick Diamond, the worldwide Director of Sales and Marketing for YG Acoustics while he was in Australia last year to gain insight into the YG Acoustics brand. You can read that interview here.

The new XV version of Sonja (named after YG's owner and founder's wife) is an extreme, four-tower version of Sonja. It was created specifically to celebrate the upcoming 15 year anniversary for the brand and combines everything they've discovered about speaker-design.It also incorporates several next-generation technologies that cannot be found elsewhere in the YG Acoustics range.

Yoav Geva said:

Sonja XV is an entirely new sonic benchmark, truly extreme in every way… handmade in U.S.A.

With YG Acoustics being one of the select few at the high end of audio manufacturing that actually designs and manufactures their own speakers drivers inhouse, Sonja XV features the breakthrough tweeter and proprietary cost-no-object bass inductors found in the Sonja model. The drivers are precisely machined out of massive slabs of aircraft-grade aluminum.

YG Acoustics Sonja XV - Australia

The BilletDome tweeter is said to be “the most complex mechanical invention to date: a resonance-free soft dome is supported by a stiff, light airframe machined from aluminum billet. The airframe weighs a mere 30 milligrams (a thousandth of an ounce), but its critical sections are up to 14 times thicker than a typical hard dome, so its structural strength is vastly superior even to domes made of the most exotic hard materials. Finally, a tweeter that ends the age-old debate of hard versus soft, by combining the best of both.”

Further refinements have been made with the crossover in Sonja XV. YG's ViseCoil inductors are CNC-wound in-house then encased in a vise-like milled structure to eliminate vibration and tighten tolerances. Residual lossese are said to be reduced by 24%, and linearity improved by 60%. The result is better control over the woofers, far greater bass impact, and an easier job for most amplifiers.

Fortunately for existing Sonja owners, they can be upgraded to Sonja XV without the need to replace the drivers.

Geva continues:

Sonja XV is the closest that we have ever come to the natural sound of a live performance. It will be heard by few and attained by even fewer. From now on, when I listen to music, I want it to be either live or with Sonja XV.

Sonja XV is a four tower combination each measuring 179x43x72cms, and weighing in at 210kg per channel.

For those with deep pockets but seeking the very best in musical perfection, the YG Acoustics Sonja XV is available by special order in Australia for $415,000.00 RRP.

For more information visit YG Acoustics.

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