World’s Most Expensive Amplifier

Posted on 22nd July, 2014

World’s Most Expensive Amplifier

The 'Opera Only' amplifier from Italian “technology designer”, Andrea Pivetta could be mistaken for a prop for the latest Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, but we're assured it's a real, working amplifier.

Pivetta, has worked with various companies leaders in different sectors, from mechanics to electronics, experimenting innovative materials, for more than twenty years. In the field of sound, he has always wanted to walk the original and unconventional streets, beginning with his “Pivetta Opera One”, a multi-channel amplifier that still amazes for its many constructive peculiarities.     

The state of the art amplifier features six 30kW triple-insulated toroidal transformers and 2,112 high current bipolar transistors, which are cooled by half a dozen fan coolers. According to Pivetta, the 2.5m tall Opera Only amplifier is capable of producing class-leading 160,000-watts of power and it does that either as two 80kW channels or in six-channel form. The chassis is built out of aircraft-grade aluminum and steel, taking 6 months to construct, made-to-order of course.

For those wanting to experience the 'Opera Only', it will set you back just US$2.2 million. We'll take two.

Technical Data

  • Power input: 230/400V 50/60 Hz 800 A
  • Power supply: 6400 amps – 1,000,000 mF
  • Power output: 6 x 20,000 watts RMS Class A (max. total power output: 160,000 watts)
  • Dimensions: 1250 x 1900 x 1250 mm (width x height x depth, closed)
  • Weight: 1,500 kg
  • Housing: No visible connection boxes or inputs, aeronautical, high-grade NECE treated aluminium.

For more information visit Only Creative.

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