World First at Sydney Opera House with Audio-Technica

Posted on 19th September, 2016

World First at Sydney Opera House with Audio-Technica

From October 28 to November 5 this year, Sydney Opera House will conduct a world-first. A large scale, live silent opera will take place at this famous venue. “Sydney Opera House - The Opera: The Eighth Wonder” will feature a huge cast, chorus and orchestra performing live, with the sound transmitted to the 3,000 strong audience through state-of-the-art Audio Technica headphones, a feat not accomplished before with classical music on such a large scale.

The singers will perform on the steps of the Sydney Opera House with the orchestra performing inside and the sound combined. With this unique presentation of ‘silent opera’ the audience can enjoy the sumptuous music cocooned in a world of pure sound.

Opera Australia is combining the traditional art-form and a story about 1960s Australia with the latest in technologically advanced sound design, staging, projection, lighting and 3D printing. One of Australia’s earliest patents, the Hills Hoist, also makes an appearance.

The Sydney Opera House itself will be used as an opera stage for the first time ever. Platforms will glide across the 100 metre-wide steps, delivering the fast-paced action. Giant screens will unfurl to display historic photos. Giant glowing balls of paper, projections and lighting effects will complete the son-et-lumiere spectacle.

Opera Australia’s Artistic Director Lyndon Terracini told StereoNET he believes “it will be a magical experience”.

He continued:

Sitting under the stars on the Forecourt, the audience will be cocooned in a world of pure sound with the stunning visuals of a brilliantly designed set spread across the steps and the magnificent Sydney Opera House as the backdrop. It doesn’t get much better than this in Sydney.

We’ll have all the things that people love about Sydney – the harbour, the Sydney Opera House, fantastic food and entertainment –together in one unforgettable night.

The event is being produced by the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour team and they are creating a fabulous site said to include bars, food outlets, stunning harbour views, and even space to play cricket before the opera. One hundred and fifty young Built Environment architecture students from UNSW will create a number of visual art installations for the site, including a 3D-printed bar table.

Tickets are available from $69 and on sale now.

For more information, visit Opera Australia.

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