WIN FREE DALI CDs and LPs with StereoNET

Posted on 1st September, 2016

WIN FREE DALI CDs and LPs with StereoNET

Dali, the Danish manufacturer of loudspeakers are giving everyone a chance to get a FREE DALI Demonstration CD. Or better yet, StereoNET also has the vinyl version for those that can be a little creative. Read on ...

For the first 50 customers that simply register to listen to a pair of DALI loudspeakers, turn up at one of the participating dealers and kick back for an audition. You'll be rewarded with a DALI Demonstration CD (Volume 4).

Music is important to DALI designers, too important to allow it to be mangled by MP3 conversion or crushed by dynamic range compression or diminished by inferior playback equipment. That’s why they continue to create the DALI CD’s. This CD is the fourth compilation in a highly praised series. These collections represent our best effort to provide reliable tools to assist you in the effective evaluation and demonstration of the accuracy and musicality of audio components.

DALI Demonstration CD Volume 4

Particating dealers include:

And if you're so impressed you decide to invest in DALI ownership, there's more benefits like a 10 year warranty as part of the promotion. See the website for more information.

Limited Edition DALI Demonstration Volume 4 - On Vinyl ...

The DALI LPStereoNET has obtained a few copies of the very sought after, not available in Australia, LP version of Volume 4. If you want a chance at winning one of these, all you have to do is be a forum member and tell us in as few or as many words as you like why you should win a copy of the LP. Be creative. There's no hard and fast rules on this one. To add your creative entry, simply visit this thread.

There's never been a better time to get into DALI. Click the link below and schedule your audition now.

For more information visit DALI Australia.

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