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Eminence. A fitting name for a loudspeaker worthy of wearing the crown in Wilson Benesch's speaker lineup.

The Sheffield, South Yorkshire based loudspeaker company and brand is known not only for its marvellous sound, but also a reputation forged through its use of cutting-edge design technology and exotic materials.

Announced today, Eminence is its 10-driver, 2.5-way floor standing speaker which is expected to sell in Australia for around $280,000.

Building upon all the company has learned through the development of the Geometry series of loudspeakers and its A.C.T Monocoque enclosure; Eminence introduces a new Tactic 3.0 midrange and bass driver, Fibonacci Silk-Carbon Hybrid Tweeter with a new decoupled motor design, and the new A.C.T. 3ZERO Monocoque.

Refreshingly, Wilson Benesch's speaker designs stand out from the flat panel, wooden box and metal alloy enclosures that are
ubiquitous to loudspeakers today.

The Eminence features precision CNC machined aluminium components and the high gloss A.C.T. 3ZERO Monocoque, which offers a luxurious automotive fit, finish and aesthetic.

Wilson Benesch is at the forefront of loudspeaker engineering, saying:

No other component bears testament to this than the Eminence foot. The largest sub-component of this complex structure requires a quarter of a million lines of CNC code and 16-hours of machining, reducing a 100kg solid billet of aluminium by more than half, to create a single 38kg Eminence loudspeaker foot.

This formidable component governs over the energy above by way of the 14mm tie bolts that generate a metric ton of compressive pressure. This is the foundation, ground zero and arbiter of performance.

The Eminence driver complement consists of 1 x 25mm WB Fibonacci Hybrid Tweeter, 2 x 170mm WB Tactic 3.0 Bass High, 1 x 170mm WB Tactic 3.0 Midrange, 2 x 170mm WB Tactic 3.0 Bass Low, and 4 x 170mm WB Isobaric Drive System Bass Low drivers.

Specs read as Sensitivity: 89dB, 4.5 Ohms Nominal Impedance, Frequency Response: 24Hz – 30KHz +/- 2dB, and a recommended minimum amplifier power of 100 watts.

Each loudspeaker weighs 145kg and stands 199cms tall, by 28cms wide and 68cms deep.

Wilson Benesch will debut the Eminence loudspeaker at the High End Show in Munich next week, and it will be available to buy later this year.

For more information visit Wilson Benesch.


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