Posted on 4th May, 2017


Wilson Audio, arguably one of the most desired loudspeaker brands in the world have suggested a sequel to their best selling speaker, the Alexia, is due this year.

The Alexia Series 2 is suggested to share much of the same technology as the Alexx and WAMM Master Chronosonic speakers.

The original Alexia has been award-winning around the globe after being launched in 2012.

Wilson Audio explained:

When it came to designing the Series 2, every angle and curve was scrutinized, every structural element was considered, each of the metal components, large and small, were carefully examined for possible improvements. Nearly everything in the Alexia has been reworked for the Series 2 with an eye toward more elegantly following the underlying technological function responsible for the Alexia’s intrinsic musical rightness.

The focus for developing the Alexia Series 2 is to make the most musical and natural Wilson Audio speaker.

Alexia Series 2

While specific details are still sketchy, StereoNET understands Series 2 will feature Wilson Audio’s new WAMM Convergent Synergy tweeter. The nominal impedance has also been increased so that the Alexia Series 2 will perform well with a wider range of amplifiers.

Work was done in the crossover to make the Alexia Series 2 more amplifier friendly by slightly raising the nominal impedance.

Wilson Audio also says that enclosure volumes have changed, with the midrange enclosure increased by 26.4% and the woofer enclosure by 10.8%.

Wilson Audio have apparently even developed a new composite material for isolation on the mounting feet.

As you would expect Wilson Audio are playing their cards close to their chest for Alexia Series 2, but apparently, all will be revealed in July this year.

We look forward to this one.

For more information visit the Wilson Audio brand page.

* image in header of Wilson Audio Alexia (Series 1)

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