Posted on 22nd January, 2019


Melbourne-based Pure Music Group has won distribution rights for the Western Electric brand and its valves and audio gear for Australia.

You read that right. Western Electric manufactures hi-fi equipment as well as valves.

The US-based company makes a range of amplifiers, a preamplifier and CD player as well as continuing production of the famous WE 300B power output valve.

The brand’s website displays a desirable pair of 300B valve powered monoblocs. Word is we can also expect a new Western Electric stereo power amp any time now.

For the moment, Pure Music Group will range Single, Matched Pairs and Matched Quads of the brand new production of the WE 300B valve.  

Prices for the Mount Everest of all 300Bs will be as follows: $1199 for a Single valve, $2499 for a matched pair and $5099 for a Quad set.

Western Electric 300B Valves

As for the new amplifier, the word is the 91E single ended integrated model will debut at Axpona in the US soon, but no pricing has yet been released.

The 91E uses a new proprietary Class A2 parallel feed current source circuit whose patent is pending. It is fitted with toroidal output transformers and a microprocessor controlled auto bias for the valves.

Power output is more than 20 watts per channel and a breakthrough for 300B valves used in a single-ended circuit.

In the development of the thermionic valve, Western Electric has an illustrious history and one considered to have no peers.

Western Electric was the major electrical engineering and manufacturing supplier to the titan that was AT&T, from 1881-1996.

From 1929, the company made gear for the cinema systems of that era including large horn speakers and low power amplifiers to drive them.

Western Electric also made equipment for professional sound recording studios.

Many Asian and European audiophiles still worship the horns and low wattage amps to this day.

In 1997, AT&T along with entrepreneur, Charles Whitener, created the Western Electric and the Westrex Corporation. By 1997 the new companies resumed production of the 300B in Kansas City.

In 2003, production of the 300B moved to Huntsville, Alabama. Western Electric is now based at the Rossville Works in Rossville, Georgia.

Pure Music Group tells us the first batches of 300Bs will arrive in the next few months. 

For more information visit Western Electric.


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