Vivitek HK2200 4K Projector Unboxing Video

Posted on 11th March, 2020

Vivitek HK2200 4K Projector Unboxing Video

North-Holland in the Netherlands may not be typically synonymous with consumer electronics, or the latest 4K projector technology, to be specific. But it is home to Vivitek, a division of Delta, and one of the leading manufacturers of projectors and display devices.

The brand's latest offer for 4K home projection looks likely to upset other manufacturers in the Far East though, with its HK2200 4K UHD projector coming to market at just $2,699 RRP in Australia.


Already known for its exceptional image quality and advanced visual enhancement features, the HK2200 is compact and flexible enough to easily fit into any living room.

It delivers a large projection screen area greater than 220cm wide and more than 100” diagonally. It takes advantage of the latest 4K-UHD DMD chipset technology from Texas Instrument, which enables full 8.3 million pixels to be displayed on the screen. Vivitek also claims true-to-life colour accuracy - with a Rec.709 colour gamut space and perfect colour reproduction - “ensuring content bursts into life in a way not experienced on devices with smaller screens.”

The HK2200 has an abundance of connectivity features, including two HDMI v2.0 inputs, and a USB multimedia viewer, which gives users the ability to slideshow images or video playback from a USB flash drive. It also benefits from wireless mirroring function, which allows screen mirroring of compatible devices to the big screen. It is also Chromecast-ready and offers the option to use external wireless casting equipment and powers it with the USB port from the projector. 

Additionally, the HK2200 features a 12v trigger function for external device control, such as activating a screen or a sound system when turning the projector on.

StereoNET has been reviewing the Vivitek HK2200 over the past few weeks so stay tuned for the comprehensive review. In the meantime, in the video below, StereoNET's Tony O'Brien unboxes the projector and offers a brief overview to whet the appetite.

For more information, visit Vivitek.


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