VIP Night @ Stereophonic - Luxman & Isotek

Posted on 3rd August, 2015

VIP Night @ Stereophonic - Luxman & Isotek

On Tuesday the 25th of August, Stereophonic (Melbourne) will be hosting an exclusive product night showcasing Luxman and Isotek.

Guest speakers include:

  • Mr Terry Kawakami - Luxman International Sales Director - IAG Group.
  • Mr. Tatsuya Sueyoshi - Director of Luxman Japan

Following the presentation there will be a Q&A, and refreshments and fingerfood are provided.

The night will kick off at 6:30pm sharp (Level 1, 755 Nicholson Street, Carlton North)

Spaces are limited so you will need to RSVP here:

ISOTEK Product Demonstration

In conjunction with the Luxman event, IsoTek will also be holding a demonstration.

Launched in Hampshire, UK in 2001, IsoTek is a leading brand of power management products for hi-fi and home cinema use. Its product range includes high-performance mains cables and connectors, plus a range of performance-enhancing power conditioners focused on the specific requirements of individual systems. With a range of products to suit all budgets it’s frightening how much difference IsoTek products can make to your musical enjoyment.

Come to these sessions with an open mind because the lift in performance an IsoTek power cable or conditioner can give to your system has to be heard to be believed. Their performance has truly been a revelation for Stereophonic staff and our customers alike.

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