Posted on 13th February, 2019


Ortofon and Pro-Ject have released the perfect, nicely priced gift for the vinylphile who has everything this Valentine's Day.

It’s called the VINYLCARE Pack, and it’s a one-stop package designed to keep your turntable and your precious vinyl records in healthy nick.

A close look at the package reveals an intelligent vinyl care kit sourced from two major analogue specialist brands, Ortofon and Project.

Ortofon is a cartridge manufacturer that has few rivals. Pro-Ject makes turntables. Tens and tens of thousands of them each year. So many turntables in fact, that Pro-Ject takes the mantle as the globe’s biggest turntable specialist.

An initiative put together by Australian distributor, Interdyn, together they’ve come up with a $149 pack that comprises a carbon fibre record brush, dry-clean stylus brush, groove grit remover, cartridge alignment card, headshell screwdriver, 360 degree spirit level, and four shock absorbing feet you can use to isolate your turntable from air and floor-borne vibrations and resonances.

Interdyn's analog specialists knew what they were doing when they conceived this nifty package. They chose a soft bristle carbon fibre brush because a harder bristle brush would grind grime back into the vinyl's spiral groove.

The softer brush removes surface junk without forcing this into the groove.

The dry cleaning brush is also preferable to a wet brush that could flick damaging cleaning chemicals back into the delicate, electro-mechanical parts of a cartridge.

The groove grit remover is an inspired cleaning aid. It resembles a lump of dough, and you use it by pressing it onto the surface of a record. Gravity and the laws of physic then combine, and the dough grips grime and grit from the groove without leaving any residue behind.

A spirit level is one of the most under-valued and under-used of turntable tuning aids. Getting your platter level, ensures your arm and cartridge can track a groove without any unwanted gravitational forces.

The cartridge alignment card is a must to set tracking angles for your cartridge to minimise tracking distortion. As for the headshell screwdriver, you can often spend as long searching for one of these as you can setting up your cartridge, so that will be pretty useful too.

The pack’s four shock absorber feet are not only practical, but they can also improve your turntable’s sound. The last thing you want to hear when you’re playing a fave album is your tonearm resonating in sync with the vibrations transmitted from your speakers.

The new VINYLCARE Pack ($149 RRP) was produced exclusively for Australian customers and is available now.

For more information visit Ortofon or Pro-Ject dealers.


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