VAF Research Turns It Up in 2016

Posted on 3rd March, 2016

VAF Research Turns It Up in 2016

One of Australia's own most famous audio brands, VAF Research, is turning it up in 2016 driven by company founder Philip Vafiadis and technology investor, Simon Hackett.

Left- Simon Hackett, Right - Philip VafiadisSince 1978 VAF has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers that even Rolling Stone magazine once stated, “The ultimate in high fidelity performance with the best bass in the world”. In more recent years, the company has evolved their product line with innovative products such as the SoundWall that featured on TV shows including Channel Nine's 'The Block'.

Vafiadis' vision and entrepreneurial mind has driven the company to success, so it's no wonder that the brand has attracted the interest of fellow entrepeneur and technology investor Simon Hackett. The co-founder of Internode and more recently Director of National Broadband Network (NBN), Hackett purchased a pair of VAF speakers just a few short years ago and was so impressed with the company, an alliance was formed with Vafiadis and a grand new vision was born shortly thereafter.

Vafiadis told StereoNET:

VAF has a legacy of sound innovation such as our flagship Signature speakers and pioneering SoundWall systems, so we will continue creating new category-defining products this year. We’ve also relaunched VAF as a national brand, with a presence in Melbourne already, plus plans to enlarge our network of specialist audiophile resellers throughout Australia during the rest of this year.

The past 18 months have seen Vafiadis and Hackett collaborate to define a shared vision for the company’s future and where the market is heading. This has involved streamlining a number of back-end systems, a refresh of VAF’s brand and website and the development of a new national distribution strategy.

Vafiadis continued:

We have big plans for this year. VAF has a legacy of sound innovation such as our flagship Signature speakers and pioneering SoundWall systems, so we will continue creating new category-defining products this year.

The new direction and renewed drive for VAF starts with the upcoming WOMADelaide World Music & Dance festival, running in Adelaide from March 11-14. With a high-profile sponsorship of the event, the four day festival will see more than 30 countries represented across 7 stages, showcasing incredible talent from around the globe. For the full lineup that includes The Cat Empire, De La Soul, Violent Femmes and more can be viewed here.

Streaming live music from Stage One and Stage Five, attendees will be able to escape the heat and fast pace of the festival in the large and comfortable VAF Listening Lounge. As well as a range of high-fidelity headphones, the lounge will offer free high-speed WiFi access and free phone-charging facilities, plus great coffee. VAF umbrellas and VAF ‘bumboxes’ will give the brand high visibility throughout Adelaide's Botanic Park.

Hackett's love for VAF is clear, telling StereoNET:

In a world dominated by the convenience of listening to music on smartphones or cheap wireless speakers, listening to your favourite music on VAF loudspeakers is like stepping into one of the great concert halls of Europe - every sound is crystal clear.

Combined with a major presence at the upcoming International HiFi Show, Melbourne, July 1-3 where the VAF Research range will be on show in the Lake 1-2 Room, it is clear we're about to see a whole lot more of the VAF brand.

Hackett summed up by stating:

We’ve expanded the team at VAF to bring in new skills to enable this iconic Australian audio technology to take its rightful place on the national and international stage. Watch this space.

After 38 years it's clear that VAF Research is as strong as ever and the future is bright.

For more information on WOMADelaide visit

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