VAF Research Features on ‘The Block’

Posted on 18th March, 2014
VAF Research Features on ‘The Block’

VAF Research, arguably one the most famous names in Hi-Fi to come out of Australia, featured on 'The Block' recently with contestants' Kyal and Kara featuring a VAF Soundwall.

The Soundwall has been released from Adelaide based VAF Research for some time now. That doesn't mean that it's not state-of-the-art or old tech though.

The Soundwall is a modular sound system capable of reproducing music or movie sound from any Hi-Fi, theatre or streaming device. Aside from the visual appeal it can also aid in improving room acoustics.

VAF Soundwall

It comprises two module types, a speaker module and an acoustic treatment module, both 600mm square and very slim. The speaker module “reproduces sound equivalent to the finest loudspeakers and does not require the addition of a subwoofer for regular music.” according to Philip Vafiadis, founder of VAF Research.

“Rooms with hard surfaces can have poor acoustics. The acoustic treatment module absorbs and scatters sound to make the sound of your room better.” Vafiadis continued.

What makes Soundwall unique is the ability for the owner to change the look at their discretion. Any pantone colour number or digital photographic image can be reproduced.

Soundwall's specifications are nothing less than impressive. With a frequency response spanning 37Hz to 30kHz - more than enough for most music and movie reproduction. Subwoofers can also be added to aid in the lower frequency regions.

VAF fanatics might be interested to know that Soundwall uses a similar coaxial, dual concentric drive to that used in the very popular i90 range of speakers.

It's great to see Aussie TV shows and mass media supporting our home grown Hi-Fi scene and suppliers. Kyal and Kara are certainly pleased with their inclusion of VAF's Soundwall in their breathtaking apartment.

Kyal & Kara's The Block VAF Soundwall

“I’ve always loved the VAF SoundWall and Kara and I were both really keen to use it on The Block. It’s great to be able to use an Aussie made product that’s world class and really innovative. Because of the way it’s designed we could make it any size and colour we wanted. The guys at VAF were amazing, installation was hassle free and the result was awesome. What doesn’t come across on the show is how good it sounded! These are true HiFi speakers – that room rocks in more ways than one.” – Kyal & Kara, contestants on the The Block.

For more information, visit VAF Research.

The Block - Fans vs Faves screens on Channel Nine. Check local guide for times.

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