VAF Evolves with EVO1 at International HiFi Show

Posted on 7th July, 2016

VAF Evolves with EVO1 at International HiFi Show

One of the most iconic names in Australian HiFi, VAF Research, chose the Melbourne International HiFi Show to launch their first new loudspeaker in three years to a big reception.

Stamping their authority on the Australian designed and manufactured loudspeaker market and making their presence known, VAF Research debuted their entire product range in spectacular fashion.

VAF’s 112.5-square-metre stand, replicating designated living spaces in today's typical homes dominated the entrance to the main show in Level 1. After month's of preparation and consuming over 14 hours to build the stand, all the hard work paid off with the room enticing enough punters to keep it solidy packed all weekend long. Show organisers were pleased to reward VAF's efforts in recognition with the title of Best Display at the 2016 Melbourne International HiFi Show.

38 years in existence, VAF have proven once again that they're an innovative company and that their brand is as relevant today as it was during the golden age of HiFi.

Using the show as the launching platform for a new product, the EVO1 is a limited edition loudspeaker, the first release from VAF in three years.

EVO1 is a company standmount speakers, taking up only a small space which is important today as living spaces becoming smaller. Don't be fooled by the size however as EVO1 delivers a huge sound from two separate drivers that require no subwoofer to produce strong bass performance. This makes a pair of VAF EVO1s ideal for inner-city lifestyles where consumers refuse to compromise their home music and movie sound experience due to limited apartment space.

Measuring just 366mm high, 220mm wide and 336mm deep, and starting at $2999 RRP for a pair, they are available in your choice of timber finishes. Part of VAF’s flagship Signature Series, the speakers offer a stylish optional finish of vee-shaped blond wood inset into dark wood.

VAF's founder, Philip Vafiadis, was on hand across all three days to present the range and talk with punters. Philip is just as passionate today as he was at similar HiFi Show's over 25 years ago. General Manager, Simon Wilde, who designed the new VAF EVO1 was also on-hand.

Simon told StereoNET:

The new speaker was designed to deliver a full, rich sound for people who lived in apartments. Not everyone has the space for our flagship Signature speakers, but everyone loves to listen to their favourite music on outstanding speakers. The beauty of the VAF EVO1 is that a pair of them deliver a terrific sound, producing beautiful bass and lovely clear audio reproduction throughout the frequency range. While VAF does have smaller speakers in our range, they typically require a subwoofer to produce the best sound.

A single pair of our new ultra-compact speakers can deliver that same experience on their own.

And he wasn't wrong. Many attendees heard EVO1 perform in the very large open VAF exhibition space, and they filled the space with ease, clarity and detail, reminiscent of a much larger speaker.

Some attendee's comments from StereoNET members:

What a fantastic speaker, I was impressed…and an even better way to unveil them at the hi-fi show too.

I thought they sounded even better than the i91 (which I also own & use as a centre). 

Although I only heard one track played on these it was one of the “stand-out” experiences of the show.

A big room, lots of people and lots of speakers, yet this little wonder presented a huge, dynamic and totally captivating sound against the odds IMO.  “How the hell did that little speaker do what it just did?” was the feeling it left me with.  I meant to get back there and see if it could sustain the magic over other genres of music, but there's never enough time at these shows to follow up every item of interest.  Comments from others confirmed I wasn't the only one impressed.

Certainly worth investigating for anyone looking for a standmount in this price range - I suspect some very clever engineering has gone into this product.

And the accolades kept flowing ...

Despite the compact size, thanks to very clever advancements and design, EVO1 can reproduce bass that is flat to 35Hz, and without DSP or equalisation.

VAF Research, maintaining its nearly four decades of HiFi innovation, is still one of the great Australian HiFi success stories, and a proud exhibitor of the 2016 Melbourne International HiFi Show.

For more information, visit VAF Research.

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