Universally Connected

Posted on 29th May, 2014

Universally Connected

AV accessory brand One For All has a name straight out of an Alexander Dumas novel. Luckily it also does a nifty range of remotes and the latest is called the Nevo Wi-Fi bridge.

It’s said to be a universal remote for tablets which will pair with up to 80 devices. And yes, it’s also said to offer intuitive control over the increasing array of remotes we all seem to collect these days.

The NEVO Wi-Fi bridge in tandem with the free NEVO app will nicely turn any Android or iOS tablet into a feature laden easy-to-navigate universal remote. A feature which would come in handy for XBMC Hub fans currently using their little smartphone or iPhone screens to operate the hub’s menu system.

The Wi-Fi bridge features two Ethernet inputs allowing older home entertainment products - without built-in Wi-Fi - to connect with the internet. Users then download and open the NEVO app from the tablet and simply select which devices to control.

The NEVO app adds all relevant keys of the different devices onto the tablet screen with easily readable buttons for effortless control and greater flexibility. All power buttons and inputs are shown on one screen allowing users to switch off all equipment in one swipe.

Other ease-of-use controls include one touch activity. Select ‘Watch movie’ and the TV and Blu-ray player will automatically switch on. Choose the correct HDMI input, switch on the amplifier via the tablet and start playing favourite movies instantly.

The One For All remote is compatible with current devices and is future-ready, avoiding obsolescence when new products are released to market. The remote can pair up to 80 devices giving users, particularly the home cinema and gaming fanatics, ultimate control.

One For All URC 8800 Universal Tablet Remote is available now RRP $249.95
- Includes a NEVO Wi-Fi bridge and free app download from iTunes or Google Play.

For more information visit Amber Technology.

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