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US-based company Tributaries is the latest to join a growing number of manufacturers, providing HDMI cables capable of transmitting up to 18Gbps over long runs.

One of the challenges faced by installers and enthusiasts alike is reliably transmitting 4K signals over long distances. This is further exasperated by the high bandwidth requirements of HFR (high frame rate) and 4:4:4 chroma up-sampling.

Tributaries new ‘VEGA’ is an active hybrid optical fibre/copper cable HDMI cable, which is available in lengths of 10m ($895 RRP), 15m ($1,095 RRP), and 25m ($1,395 RRP).

The optical fibre, which is used to transmit the TMDS signal is constructed from OM3 multimode silicon glass, while HC-OFC Copper is used for the DDC line, which is responsible for the two way communication of EDID and HDCP data.

The TMDS signals are modulated via a four-channel 850nm VCSEL optical converter. Both the optical fibre and copper lines are housed within aluminium Mylar and braided copper shielding, which is in turn housed within a black PVC jacket.

As an active cable, the VEGA is powered via a USB 2.0 at the display end (both the USB cable and power supply are supplied). The ‘display end’ of the VEGA is terminated with a Type D > A adapter that can if required, be removed for installation.

During testing at DPL Labs, the UHDC VEGA out-performed all other AOC cables and subsequently earned the DPL Labs 18 Gbps Seal of Approval. 

Offering high-speed support of up to 18Gbps the VEGA can transmit 4K/60, Deep Colour, HDR, 4:4:4, Wide Colour Gamut and extended audio channels.

All VEGA AOC HDMI cables are tested in production and at the Tributaries facility in Orlando FL before shipping with a 4K/60, 4:4:4, 8-bit HDR signal.

Tributaries VEGA HDMI cables are guaranteed to transmit 18Gbps up to 50 metres.

The VEGA carries a three-year warranty, and the range is available now.

For more information visit Tributaries Cables.


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