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During a long conversation laced with a heavy French accent courtesy of the charming Triangle people at the brand’s Munich display, the enthusiasm and zest for their new models was paramount.

Why wouldn’t it be with an active bookshelf speaker and new turntable combination poised to whet audiophile appetites with its keen $1499 price?

The Triangle speaker and new turntable combination was just one of the exhibits that amidst all the bling and glamour of the world's best audio manufacturers all in one place showcasing their wares, simply screamed out “take a closer look”.

The new turntable is based on a Pro-Ject model, uses belt drive and comes complete with tonearm. At the projected price point, the combination will be very pocket pleasing.

Triangle Turntable

The new vinyl spinner is a no brainer paired with the LN01As because this speaker’s line level input can be used as a phono stage allowing a direct connection to a turntable.

Triangle Active Speakers & Turntable Pack

These compacts are powered by Class D 50 watts per channel amplifiers, and long with the power supply and digital and analogue connections, are built into the right speaker. A bundled 3-metre cable connects left and right speakers.

Triangle ELARA LN01A

Wireless streaming is also provided with an Bluetooth aptX receiver built-in, along with the option of hardwiring sources using a digital optical or coaxial input, a subwoofer output is also available.

Joining the LN01A’s active approach to audio and moving up the chain was the latest Espirit Australe EZ, a $5,999 RRP floorstander that will be available in gloss black or gloss white finishes.

Triangle Australe EZ

The Australe use MDF cabinets that are 200mm wide, 360mm deep and 1130mm high. So they’re quite room friendly and Triangle’s General Manager, Hugo Decelle told us that they’re designed to sound just dandy placed about half a metre from side and rear walls.

Inside the cabinets are slating partitions between the woofers and midrange/tweeter, used to avoid internal standing waves. Extra bracing is used for tweeter and woofer mounting with an extra degree of isolation provide by rubber isolation pads for the woofer magnets.

The bottom of each cabinet is treated with a special rubber to create a disconnect between the cabinet and its tempered glass base.

Drivers chosen for the Australe are impressive and include the expensive midrange used in the high end ANTAL Ez model which feature a cone with 100% natural cellulose paper equipped with a white membrane, exhibiting all the virtues of paper cone material.

A new bass is utilised with a cone that is a blend of different materials including paper and carbon fibre. It employs an all-new voice coil, powerful magnet and has a 120 mm diameter.

The use of Triangle’s acclaimed TZ 2510 tweeter was a no brainer for the Australe. It’s been given a new profiled horn for the Australe also a new phase plug.

Two musically adept models that we’ve slotted in for comprehensive reviews this year.

For more information visit the Triangle brand page.

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