Tivoli Hi-Fi’s ‘Headphone Heaven’

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by Marc Rushton

18th March, 2014

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Tivoli Hi-Fi’s ‘Headphone Heaven’

Tivoli Hi-Fi, one of Melbourne's finest Hi-Fi specialists recognises the growth headphone and Head-Fi market, today announcing the launch of Tivoli's 'Headphone Heaven'.

As StereoNET reported just weeks ago about headphone and headset sales racking up $77.3 million in sales throughout South East Asia alone in 2013, Australia is no exception to this growing trend.

"Anecdotal evidence shows the same growth pattern throughout Australia and New Zealand."

"The continued popularity of such gadgets especially in the region’s developing countries has been a key factor in driving sales of this product group as many are turning to their smartphone or tablet as a source of entertainment while on the move.” Gerard Tan, Account Director for Digital World at market analysis and reseach company GfK said.

Tivoli Hi-Fi have always been at the forefront of the industry and emerging trends. After a few days of their very own sales staff getting their hands dirty knocking out walls and undertaking plastering for the first time, the 'Headphone Heaven', has emerged.

Dedicated to personal audio and headphones, Tivoli's headphone heaven features products from Audeze, Grado, Voilectric, AKG, Sennheiser, Ergo, Stax and more, all ready for audition.

Geoff Haynes, Manager of Tivoli Hi-Fi told StereoNET, "We welcome StereoNET's readers and members to drop in, bring their own music collection and audition products in a relaxed, no-pressure environment".

Haynes continued, "Music and audio reproduction is such a personal experience, and we like to ensure that our customers purchase only the product that best suits their personal requirements. Of course we also have expert staff on hand to provide guidance or technical assistance".

Drop in to Tivoli Hi-Fi today and checkout Headphone Heaven.

For more information visit Tivoli Hi-Fi.

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