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Tivoli Audio, known for their range of radios stepped it up earlier this year with a new ART series of products, along with more affordable pricing in Australia.

The ART Collection features classic design mixed with the latest technology to create a simple, yet elegant solution for wireless audio throughout the home.

Four core products make up the ART Collection starting with the Model One Digital, a modern update to the iconic Model One which was released 17 years ago.

Tivoli Audio ART Model One Digital

As we reported back in August:

The Model One Digital brings the quintessential tabletop radio into the age of the smart home.

With the addition of a multi-operational dial and a multitude of connectivity options which includes FM, DAB+, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and Tidal, you’ll never be left searching for something to listen to. Further improvements have also been made to the amplifier and drivers over the original Model One.

The Model One Digital sells for $449 RRP and is available now.

Tivoli Audio ART Collection Orb Cube

Two additional wireless speakers, the Orb ($349) and Cube ($249) allow users to stream content from the Model One Digital throughout their home, wirelessly to the Orb or Cube external speakers. The whole process is managed by the newly released Tivoli Wireless app for Android and iOS.

Both wireless speakers have an optional rechargeable battery pack offering up to 8 hours playback.

Tivoli Audio Munich High End 2017

At the High End Show in Munich, Germany, in May this year, StereoNET was invited to a special preview of the new products before their release - sadly, cameras weren't allowed.

Featuring front and centre in a small contained demo booth in the main hall was the Model One Digital, along with a couple of Cubes.

What was surprising, even impressive however was the full-bodied sound appearing to come from speakers that could virtually fit in the palm of your hand.

Responding to my obviously puzzled expression, Paul De Pasquale, Tivoli Audio’s chief designer, pointed to a stylish and slimline box tucked under the display cabinet. This would be the final piece in the ART Collection puzzle; the Model Sub.

Tivoli Audio ART Collection Model Sub

The Model Sub ($499) is a WiFi Subwoofer that measures just 32cm x 8.9cm x 23cm and weighs only 4.5kg.

Designed specifically to compliment the Art Collection range it connects wireless to any of the ART Collection and features two passive radiators and one active driver.

Tivoli Model Sub

The ART Collection with the Model Sub does need to be heard to be believed, but don't expect earth shattering bass. What you can expect though is full bandwidth, engaging sound, that is about as good as it gets from semi-portable audio products.

The compact subwoofer can be laid flat or stand upright and is available in three real wood veneer cabinet finishes including Walnut/Grey, Black/Black, White/Grey.

Tivoli Model Sub

The ART speakers offer a unique mix of style and sound that is true to Tivoli Audio's timeless design with a variety of finished to enhance your home décor with cable-free, high-quality radio and music streaming.

The Tivoli Audio ART Collection is now available.

Visit Tivoli Audio for more information.


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