thinksound ‘On1’ Headphones

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by Marc Rushton

20th November, 2013

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thinksound ‘On1’ Headphones

thinksound have released their first supra-aural (on-ear) headphones, the On1, designed to be a headphone with accurate, professional studio monitor sound and imaging, with a wood housing for enhanced and accurate acoustics.

The On1 headphones feature an enhanced 40mm speaker driver with upgraded acoustics, which according to thinksound "gives more accurate sound reproduction and a larger sound stage, while offering deep bass extension and clear high frequencies".

“The On1 is part of a whole new and exciting category of headphones for thinksound and it is a great step forward in expanding the thinksound line,” says Aaron Fournier, the company’s President and CEO. “Moving into larger headphone designs allows us to further engineer our sound and create more accurate hi-­‐fi products. The On1 has been a labor of love. After a little more than three years in development; I can finally say that I am very proud of this design and its sound signature; it is my favorite headphone design by far.”

thinksound On1 Headphones

Available in a beautiful natural wood finish, On1 includes two sets of detachable Kevlar reinforced, tangle resistant fabric cables. One is a standard 4.5’ cable and the other cable features a microphone with single button control for smartphone use. The On1 has luxurious memory foam ear pads and a flexible headband for extra comfort. A cotton carrying pouch is also included to protect the headphones and store the accessories.

thinksound are an eco-friendly company. thinksound headphones are assembled primarily from renewable, recyclable resources like wood and aluminum, and feature PVC-­free cables. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard and eliminates the common plastic pieces normally associated with headphone packaging. Nice to know

On1 are available now from Noisy Motel and selected retailers for $449.00

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