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New Zealand speaker brand Theophany Loudspeakers has appointed Melbourne distribution startup, The Sound & Vision Group, as its exclusive Australian distributor.

Theophany founders, Garth and Stephanie Murray, are excited that Australian music and movie lovers will now be able to experience their range of speakers.

Garth Murray told StereoNET:

As the founders of Theophany loudspeakers, we are very proud to be working with The Sound and Vision Group to allow Australian Hi-Fi and Home Theatre enthusiasts access to our very exciting range of speakers.

With a background in Aviation including Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics which involves the flow of air, Garth has the perfect and unique background that has allowed him to experiment and develop speakers outside the norm for many years.

Garth says that Airflow is just as critical as electronics and cabinet structure. All together combine to provide tighter cleaner bass, far superior imaging and detail and the most important thing to Garth, they are “more real.”

He said:

We have cut no corners. Every component is designed and built either by us or to our exact specification, even the small things like the screws and cable used internally are our own design.

While our speakers are beautiful to look at and add art to any home or environment, every aspect of their design is about making sound real. Small things like the curvature of the front, or the angle that the sides curve back into the leading edge, or the taper of the chamber in our top model Airo and Rhapsody Kardia, all contribute towards better and more realistic sound reproduction.

Hammond Peek, the winner of two Academy Awards for sound mixing and recording in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘King Kong’ raves about Theophany Loudspeakers.

He said:

This is the best home theatre I have ever heard.

That's pretty high praise from a sound professional who has experienced some of the most incredible theatres in the world. 

Theophany is gaining a solid reputation for not only their standard range of speakers but they can also custom build speakers for high-end architectural homes that require something special that both looks and sounds the part. 

Many homes of the year in New Zealand feature their custom designed and built speakers.

Jason DeBono (left), Nicholas Familari (right)

The Sound & Vision Group Directors, Nicholas Familari and Jason DeBono, are excited by the recent appointment and look forward to what the future holds.

Nicholas Familari said:

We’re excited to have the pleasure of bringing Theophany loudspeakers to the Australian market and making this world-class brand available to selected specialist Hi-Fi retailers.

Ask anyone who has heard Theophany speakers to date and they will confirm these handcrafted beauties are superbly finished, have fresh styling, and stacks of musicality at prices that are accessible to most quality conscious audio buyers.

Familari added that he and fellow director, Jason DeBono, first heard a pair of Theophany Loudspeakers owned by a Kiwi friend who had brought them with him when he crossed the Tasman, and they were hooked. 

DeBono said:

The level of transparency, amount of fine detail, dynamic prowess and tonal naturalness achieved by Theophany designs is stunning considering the brand’s affordable pricing. After hearing our first pair, we realised why Theophany now has an international reputation for excellence and affordability. We made a promise that we’d move heaven and earth to get Theophany Loudspeakers to Australia.

Jason DeBono pointed out that while Sound and Vision Group is a young company, he and Nicholas Familari have a credentialed audio background.

Yes, we’re young, but our philosophy of only distributing brands that we would personally buy ourselves is the only approach that feels right to us.

Theophany speakers ring our audiophile bells in terms of build quality, exquisite styling and above all sound quality. What's great is that they look right at home in a modern lounge room, and will fit in with most peoples decor, looking less like stereo speakers, and more like modern furniture.

Sound and Vision Group will only appoint a limited number of Theophany dealers in Australia preferring quality over quantity, an approach mirrored by Theophany themselves in the New Zealand market.

Melbourne’s Carlton Audio Visual, a leading Hi-Fi specialist and one excited about ranging these speakers is the first Australian dealer appointment. High praise once again.

Theophany Loudspeakers is based in Christchurch and was conceived in 2002. The brand manufactures five series of loudspeakers and has about 20 models to choose from in total.

With a sensuous styling that separates them from a horde of rivals when displayed in stores and pricing that starts at $1,999 for the compact Epiphany Kainos, the future looks bright for Sound and Vision Group and Theophany.

Its high-end, high calibre model, the Pneuma Kardia floorstander sells for $7999 RRP. Sound & Vision Group will also be stocking one of Theophany’s most popular model called the Epiphany Katharos which is a slender, slimline floorstander that costs $3299 RRP.

Check out the entire range at or drop into Carlton Audio Visual for a first-hand look and listen.

For more information visit Theophany Loudspeakers | Sound and Vision Group.


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