The Wand Tonearm, Now Available In 10.3”

Posted on 1st September, 2015

The Wand Tonearm, Now Available In 10.3”

Simon Brown of Design Build Listen, NZ, has gained a loyal following since releasing 'The Wand', a carbon fibre, unipivot tonearm a couple of years back. He's back, and he's been hard at work.

After a positive response to the original 12” version of The Wand Unipivot Tonearm, Design Build Listen have released a 10.3” version which according to Brown, “promises 2/3 of the benefits of the 12” arm in a format that will fit many existing turntables.”

The Wand 10.3” tonearm has been explicitly designed to be the longest arm that you can fit on a Linn Sondek LP12 or Technics SL1200 family turntable without having to make major modifications.

Brown describes himself as a 12” arm convert but has found that many people are unable to fit 12” arms to their treasured turntables.

The 10.3” arm makes this possible for many users, the benefits being heard in the increase in subtle musical detail. The Wand 10.3” remains a medium mass arm (14g) enabling it to be used with a wide range of cartridges.

While 12” arms may improve tracing distortion performance by around 30% compared to ‘standard’ 9” arms, a 10.3” arm achieves close to 20% improvement in a format that is achievable for many users.

Dedicated mounting kits are available for both Linn LP12 and Technics SL1200 family turntables, to make it even easier.

At the same time Design Build Listen have made improvements to the original 'Wand', culminating in Series 2 status. The improvements include a new Tungsten Carbide cup bearing, Laser sintered (3D printed) Titanium headshell and a change to brass as the base material for most of the arm parts. Brown says that “these combine to improve both sound quality and finish.”

For more information visit The Wand Tonearm.

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