Posted on 25th April, 2018


File this one under the heading “Cool Idea of the month #2”.

First came the wonderfully wacky Volvo 240, a car that plays Toto’s Africa every time you open the car door with the keys still in the ignition.

But hold on. There’s better to come.

Now it’s the turn of the vinyl inspired bathroom to hog the limelight.

Yes, you read right.

Olympia Ceramica is an outfit that clearly loves analogue. So much so, it manufactures a range of designer sink basins that lord ooh lord, could be mistaken for a turntable.

This appealing (to audiophiles) novel idea takes a close look at 70’s audio consoles and DJ decks and applies the aesthetics to recessed sink basins.

Purists can buy a one-bowl sink, but for couples nostalgic about the LP, there’s apparently a twin bowl bathroom console available.

But either single or double there’s no mistaking the analogue heritage of Olympia Ceramica’s svelte range.

If you think this range is a luke-warm nod to the turntable and the LP, look a little closer.

Yes, that right. The bottom of each bowl looks like the surface of an LP. And of course, the water plug is smack dab centre of the LP’s label.

Even the faucets are analogue inspired. Each looks like a tonearm complete with a counterweight. Even the front of the faucet is shaped like a headshell.

That’s what we call tapping into audiophile dreams.

But it doesn’t end there. The two knobs on the left of the bathroom consoles resemble those used to adjust volume and balance on an audio console.

On the basins, they are used to regulate the water pressure and temperature.

Below each basin is a wooden base that houses an amplifier equipped with Bluetooth. And a row of small holes on the fascia of the wooden base disguises a series of tiny loudspeakers.

For the sake of completeness, the range includes a tempered glass shelf, a towel bar and a leather bag to hold your stuff.

Olympica Ceramic is an Italian outfit (what else?) that started out in 1979. This vinyl range is something you’d buy because you need it.

But it is something you’d buy because you want it. And we’d want it bad enough to strain the marital relationship.

Consider us sold!


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