The Lamm’s Warm Inner Glow

Posted on 18th February, 2014

The Lamm’s Warm Inner Glow

The latest offering from Lamm which will send an audio-buff’s heart racing is the LP2.1, a new dual-mono vacuum tube phono preamplifier with two electrically and mechanically separated channels.


Boris Granovsky, CEO of Australian Hi-End Audio-Video supplier, Absolute HiEnd has a stable of irresistible products that are coveted by most music lovers and audiophiles and must also be a source of envy to his horde of rivals.

Proof positive is the company’s distribution of Lamm, an ultra-hi-end brand that forged its reputation with its valve mono-bloc amplifiers, which were models bought and paid for by some of the world’s leading AV reviewers.

The LP2.1 replaces the venerable and much coveted LP2 phono preamp. In addition to significantly reducing the output impedance compared to the LP2, Lamm is using 6C3P and 6C45 valves in the LP2.1- the same ones used in the Lamm LP1 Signature phono preamplifier.

The Lamm LP2.1 is a pure Class-A model from input to output and its high-current drive capability, in combination with unique single-ended Class-A circuitry, enable the preamplifier to drive any cable and any reasonable real world load. ‘When connected to appropriate electronics, such as Lamm’s own amplifiers and preamplifiers, the new LP2.1 assures extraordinary transparency of perceived sound and re-creation of a three-dimensional soundstage without boundaries and limitations,’ says Boris Granovsky, of Absolute Hi End, which distributes Lamm in Australia.

The LP2.1 has a very accurate passive RIAA network and a power supply that features a full-wave vacuum rectifier and a solid-state analog voltage regulator for the heater supply. There are gain/selector switches for MM and MC cartridges and electronic protection circuitry is provided to mute the outputs when the LP2.1 is being switched on or off. The same circuit also automatically mutes the preamplifier’s output when the a.c. line voltage drops or is interrupted.

Each preamplifier is carefully crafted with the hand-selected components of the highest quality, some of which include military-grade low-noise Dale metal film resistors; 1 per cent tolerance RCD wire-wound resistors; Electrocube and Vishay/Roederstein film capacitors; high-frequency switching grade Cornell-Dubilier electrolytic capacitors; and Fischer ‘Camac’ connectors. The low-noise long-life 6C3P and 6C45 valves are specially selected military-grade types.

The LP2.1 is available in two versions: standard and deluxe. ‘In the deluxe version, the power supply stores more energy, all film capacitors in signal path are bypassed by polystyrene capacitors of the highest available quality,’ Granovsky told StereoNET. ‘The deluxe version also has a custom-designed massive damping panel that significantly reduces all types of mechanical vibrations which, in turn, leads to a slightly more-extended, coherent and natural bass reproduction.’

The Lamm LP.1 Phono Stage retails for $10,790 (standard version) or $11,290 (deluxe version).

For further information, please contact Absolute HiEnd.

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