Posted on 27th July, 2018


The Kozmophone is the kind of turntable the Jetsons would have loved to buy. The funky makeover of Edison’s original phonograph is a Bluetooth equipped turntable that can conjure up holographic images.

These images are displayed in the Kozmophone’s nod to Edison’s pioneering sound machine that was designed around a now iconic, large horn speaker.

Yes indeed, the Kozmophone's horn extends over the platter of this reimagined, futuristic turntable displaying images on the surface of the horn.

This horn is detachable. But the point is that users can choose holographic animations of choice from a selection loaded into a chip inside the Kozmophone.

The Kozmophone’s design team beavered hard and long to come up with a range of Kozmophones with each offering Bluetooth connectivity. The idea now coming to fruition has reportedly taken over a year of blood, sweat, and tears of joy as the end came within sight.

The Kozmophone people say they’ve been able to cut costs by opting to sell direct to consumers and cut out the middleman’s cut of the action. However there is a substantial cost involved to make this turntable’s injection mould, so the design team turned to crowdfunding to get the funds.

And what a response! The Kozmophone was fully funded ($40,000) in 18 hours and is now 372% funded with 4 days to go. A response that proves there is a horde of enthusiastic buyers for what’s a truly creative way to play vinyl.

Production begins this August and throughout October the moulds will be made along with some electronic parts.

The good news is that the turntables will be assembled and packed in October and November and they will start to ship in December, just in time for Xmas.

If you’re planning to slip Santa a note asking him to lower one down your chimney, tell him he’ll to pony up US$299 for the Kozmophone EARLY BIRD, and US$349 for the Kozmophone in a colour of your choice.

But here’s the thing, if Santa whispers into a princely ear and you’ve been angel-perfect the entire year, there’s an 18 K Gold Kozmophone limited edition available for US$4999.

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