Posted on 30th April, 2018


Whether it’s a flagship speaker or an entry-level model three things are assured about Definitive Technology's range.

Each will be brimming with sophisticated, patented technology; the sound will be ultra pleasing and the pricing within reach of the average punter.

If this seems to translate into the phrase, “value for money”, it’s because Def Tech's models have always been rated by the audio fraternity as sonic bargains.

They’re beautifully built and finished as well. This North American brand always has one eye on style for its speakers. The other is focused on really good sound.

Those hankering to snare a pair of Def Tech’s beauties now have a very compelling reason to dive into this brand.

Until the end of May 2018, anyone savvy enough to buy a pair of D9 or D11 compact speakers gets the matching ST1 stands for $395, which is half the normal price.

The D9 and D11 work superbly as stereo speakers but they’ll also shine as front or surround channel speakers in a home cinema rig.

This duo is part of Def Tech’s Demand range released last year. The three models in this select range are the D7, D9 and D11.

Trawl the net for info and one thing is clear: each model gets glowing reviews. But that’s Def Tech for you. The brand seldom misses the mark with any of its vast range of models.

The D11 has plenty to offer. It is fitted with Def Tech designed drivers, a 25mm annealed aluminium tweeter and a striking differently styled 165 mm bass/mid driver.

Its thick MDF cabinets with their sumptuous aluminium baffles are finished with six coats of gloss black paint.

The D9 receives the same meticulous finish as the D11. No vinyl wrap for either speaker.

Tweeter used in the D9 is a 25mm aluminium dome model like the D11 has. Bass/mid driver is a 133mm model.At the rear of both models are gold-plated, 5-way binding posts.

The matching ST1 stands loos very classy. But it is functional as well and designed to get the D9 and D11 tweeters at the right listening height.

The ST1 stands have a sturdy steel column that is hollow so you can fill it with a damping material of your own choice (which we highly recommend). The ST1 employs a heavy MDF bottom plate that can also be fitted with spikes.

It is worth repeating the ST1 stands can be had for half price ($395) until the end of May with the purchase of D9 ($1,295 RRP) or D11 ($1,795 RRP) Demand loudspeakers.

Participating dealers include Tivoli HiFi, Miranda HiFi, Eastwood HiFi, Apollo HiFi, Brisbane HiFi, Audio Connection, Aussie HiFi, Stereo Sales.

For more information visit Definitive Technolgy.

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