The DEQX Factor - Why Timing Matters

Posted on 9th April, 2015

The DEQX Factor - Why Timing Matters

DEQX, the humble company from downunder have dedicated themselves to improving sound in homes, studios and venues around the world.

Faithful, accurate music reproduction is a black art and a whole load of science. Combined with musicality and engaging sound, timing and phase are everything in loudspeaker design. But even when manufacturers get those components right, sound is always compromised by the room itself in which the loudspeakers are placed.

DEQX (pronounced 'dex'), and their latest flagship product offering, the HDP-5 is truly a powerhouse of tools in one simple unassuming box. The HDP-5 is capable of being the heart and soul of a Hi-Fi system complete with a multitude of inputs and outputs, as well as an in-built DAC. Where the HDP-5 really shines however is in it's ability to 'correct' loudspeakers and via DEQX's complex and intelligent algorithms, make adjustments to the varying acoustics of a room.

DEQX’s patented, very low latency convolution processing corrects speaker frequency-response and timing errors by adjusting thousands of frequency groups, depending on your speakers’ measurements, so that they not only arrive at the correct volume, but also on time. Going further, DEQX’s HD-Active regime offers hope of achieving a playback environment that comes closer to actually hearing the content of new HD media.

DEQX's video explains the process well:

DEQX Demonstrations will be taking place across the country in 2015. Stay tuned to StereoNET for these events.

DEQX HDP-5 is available now for $6,495 (ex.GST)

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