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9th January, 2018


If the AURASENS hi-tech pod recliner evokes memories of Pioneer’s original “stereo chair’’, you’d be on the money.

At a basic level, the idea of immersing your senses in a “music-making” chair is shared by the Pioneer model and AURASENS much more sophisticated creation.

But a moment's reflection points to both belonging to the genre created by all things, Sony’s inaugural Walkman.

So what do the three have in common? The cult of personalisation, that’s what.

The Walkman takes the chocolates for being the device that created the concept of Personalised Audio. A genre where the social retreats to the background and the personal audio space emerges in the foreground.

An idea worth savouring as your audio buddy extols the infinite bliss provided by a music library stored in the latest iPhone and accessed via a set of headphones.

But it wasn’t. Pioneer’s stereo chair predates the Walkman by several years.

Sony’s ubiquitous first Walkman the TP-L2 arrived in 1979 when it sold for US$150, an eye-watering amount for the time.

Pioneer’s Stereo chair was released in the early 70s. It was a true, adjustable recliner that came with an ottoman.

It was also the first audio product to use tactile drivers.

There were three: one was aimed at your back, the other to your butt while the third in the ottoman, massaged the feet. Tweeters in the headrest provided the treble.

The AURASENS takes the idea of personalised audio to a whole new level. Wrap your body in its plush leather, touch the iPad that's integrated into the arm rest and the chair pulsates at 32 different points in time with the playlist of sensory music stored on the iPad.

Aurasens Lounger

AURASENS describes its recliner as a hi-tech pod that provides an immersive listening experience by “tapping, tingling and pulsing’’ with your music.

Details of the sound system built into the chair are not available thus far. But, AURASENS says headphones can be used as well.

Further enhancements will include Virtual Reality electronics.

The AURASENS was created and developed by Oliver Zeller, the brand’s CEO and Nicolas Levy, its Chief Technical Officer.

Its primarily aimed at the professional market and its buyers are likely to be small cinema owners and the like who can afford to pay a heady US$20,000 for each AURASENS Hi-Tech Pod.

The AURASENS Lounger will be available in February 2018. For more information visit Aurasens.

Originally published as Aurasens Audio Recliner, a Sensory Sensation

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