Tellurium Q Cables in Australia

Posted on 9th June, 2015

Tellurium Q Cables in Australia

Tellurium Q, the British cable manufacturer with a slogan that reads “Audio products designed to combat phase distortion” like to do things a little differently. Thanks to Aussie distributor Audio Magic, who also imports Harbeth, Lavardin and more, they're now available downunder.

While Tellurium Q remains tight lipped on exactly how they combat 'phase distortion', they do claim to have overcome the problem.

When Tellurium Q was set up the focus was primarily on phase distortion and minimising this problem inherent in all cabling, whoever makes them and where ever and however they are made. The reason it is a problem is simple, all materials (not just cables) in the path of a signal will act as an electronic filter according to the definition, whether you want it to or not. This is undeniable.

They use the word 'filter' in it's scientific definition, rather than something being 'filtered out'. Tellurium Q are primarily focussed on removing the smearing of frequencies through a timing shift, ultimately leading to “better clarity and transparency from Tellurium Q cables”.

If you want the techy stuff on the 'how', visit the corresponding page on their website.

Tellurium Q's range of cables extends to speaker cables, interconnects, digital and USB cables, and finally power cables.

Audio Magic's Managing Director, Aleksandar Maksimovic told StereoNET:

We're pleased to bring Tellurium Q cables to Australia. They fit perfectly our existing portfolio working in harmony with our brands, and give you the most transparent, natural sound possible. You can think of it like a blurred picture becoming clear.

The Tellurium Q cable range is available now via selected dealers.

For more information visit Audio Magic.

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