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TechDAS, the state-of-the art turntable brand will release a trio of new vinyl spinners.

The models are the Air Force V ($15,000 RRP), Air Force II Premium ($58,000 RRP) and the Air Force III Premium ($33,000 RRP).

The Air Force V will arrive in around April 2018 and the Air Force II and Air Force III Premium will land in Australia in January 2018.

The original Air Force II and III models will continue and remain in the range as standard models.

TechDAS Air Force II Premium
TechDAS Air Force II Premium

Warwick Freemantle of Pure Music Group, the Australian TechDAS importer points out that these prices are indicative only and told StereoNET:

We do not have the final costing until the stock arrives.

Freemantle believes TechDAS models offer more technology and performance than rival turntables.

Every model in the range offers a vacuum platter, air bearing and multiple tonearm capability. At every price point the performance exceeds what one can expect from competing designs,

He also points out TechDAS has a heritage dating back to Micro Seiki and that customers are buying proven technology and Japanese build quality that’s second to none.

The three new models were unveiled at the recent Tokyo International Audio Show where prototypes were displayed.

The Air Force V is a compact model with an on-board motor housed in the main chassis.

TechDAS Air Force V
TechDAS Air Force V Prototype

It carries a heavy plater machined from aluminium alloy while a specially formulated drive belt provides the drive to the sub platter.

Like the Air Force III, the Air Force V can accommodate up to four tonearms.

In other news, TechDAS showed its new Air Force Zero Engine that is a new motor as well as a Tungsten Upper Platter, both parts of a new Zero turntable at the Tokyo show.

The company says it has fielded heaps of enquiries from customers about the possibility of getting the Engine and Tungsten Platter for use with the Air Force One turntable.

TechDAS Air Force III Premium
TechDAS Air Forice III Premium

Warwick Freemantle says it has to be understood the new innovations were exclusively developed for the new Zero model, and will not be available separately.

Buyers should also note that upgrade from the AF One or AF II Premium to the Zero will not be provided since Zero will be a completely different model from the AF One or AF One Premium,

Freemantle also says the Zero’s price will be about three times that of the AF One Premium.

TechDAS are hoping to introduce a prototype Air Force Zero at the Munich High End Show in 2018 and begin shipment at the end of 2018.

For more information visit TechDAS.


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