TechDAS Air Force III Premiere at International HiFi Show

Posted on 1st December, 2015

TechDAS Air Force III Premiere at International HiFi Show

Pure Music Group, a Melbourne based distributor of brands including Antipodes Audio, Argento, Gauder Akustik, Mola Mola, TechDAS and many more, have announced they will be exhibiting the highly anticipated Air Force III Turntable from TechDAS.

TechDAS made worldwide news with the release of their Air Force 1 Turntable just a couple of years ago. At around $100,000, it's not for the faint-hearted. Then came Air Force Two, a scaled down version with loads of the technology of its bigger brother.

The news though that an affordable turntable from the Japanese turntable manufacturer, still retaining much of the qualities of the higher range, but at much more affordable price was welcomed by analog enthusiasts. Air Force III, will be officially unveiled at the 2016 International HiFi Show in Melbourne.

The Air Force III features a precision CNC machined aluminium chassis weighing 18kgs. Manufactured according to TechDAS' tight tolerances Air Force III uses a high mass aluminium platter and an air bearing that lifts the platter to just 30 microns during use. Vinyl records are held down during playback through the use of a vacuum, and automatically decoupled via air injection. Pricing is not yet confirmed, but expected to be around $25,000.

Pure Music Group will also have many other high-end products on display and ready for audition. Their main man, Warwick Freemantle has developed a reputation for having a golden ear when it comes to assembling HiFi systems, and we're sure that this one will be no exception.

Pure Music Group will be located in Room 1315 at the International HiFi Show, Melbourne, July 1st-3rd 2016.

TechDAS is distributed in Australia by Pure Music Group.

You can visit the International HiFi Show website at:

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