Posted on 25th February, 2017


If Michael J. Fox went back to a 70s recording studio he would have been KO’d by the sound of Tannoy’s HPD Series of speakers. By any standard the HPDs had life-like veracity, could play deafeningly loud driven by a handful of watts.

They were also inherently rhythmic and overtly musical. Which begs the question “Why were they discontinued?”

You won’t have to die wondering because Tannoy has revitalised the HPD speakers and more importantly, has stayed true to the initial concept releasing three Legacy series models called the Arden, Cheviot and Eaton. Can’t get monikers more British than these.

Tannoy Legacy Series

Point is this trio use a Dual Concentric driver based on the revered HPD 1974 technology. Tannoy released its original HPD models in 1947 and all models inclusive of the Monitor Black, Silvers, Reds, Golds and HPDs shared the same basic design with minor variations.

Tannoy reintroduced the HPD models in 1974 until production ceased in 1980.

HPD technology features included a plastic magnet cover finished in a natural buff colour without any paint applied. These models also had a gold cast chassis basket and a low frequency driver surround made from plastic-foam. This low frequency driver came with eight ribbed girders attached to its rear to reduce cone break-up.

Material used in the HPD driver magnet was Ticonal-G. The low frequency cone was an ultra-low resonance model that achieved 20Hz compared to the 30Hz of previous Tannoy designs.

To be sure, one glimpse of the HPDs reveals that famous iconic, classic styling featuring a large cabinet and largish driver is back, big-time.

There’s no mistaking these speakers are anything other than kosher Tannoys.

To illustrate this point, Tannoy builds the HPDs by hand, in pre-Brexit UK.

Reasons enough to make Michael J. Fox want to be British. But he ain’t and neither are we.

What we do know is the British bulldog is back and snarling. We like that.

Pricing and availability details will be published as they become available, but for more information visit the Tannoy brand page.

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