T+A Lands at Pure Music Group

Posted on 17th October, 2016

T+A Lands at Pure Music Group

If you've ever attended a European HiFi Show or read overseas publications you will no doubt have heard of T+A. It's one of the premium brands and appears in many audiophile's and reviewer's systems. Effective immediately, Melbourne based Pure Music Group has been appointed the Australian distributor of T+A elektroakustik.

T+A stands for Theory and Application, and in the HiFi field, this German company are certainly at the cutting-edge of technology.

Warwick Freemantle of Pure Music Group told StereoNET:

T+A has a very large R&D team and is at the cutting edge of digital and analogue technology. The build quality is obsessive, leaving nothing to chance, and the results speak for themselves. There is a full range of products from lifestyle models to the stunning HV Series that is state of the art.

One of the products gaining a lot of attention is their DAC8 DSD that audiophiles are adopting as their new go to DAC in the under $5,000 price category. Priced locally by PMG at $4,600 it represents amazing value for money. This product, like the entire T+A range, is offered at price parity with the German market, which actually makes it even more affordable than the U.S. pricing. Hats off to Pure Music Group.

T+A DAC8 DSD Available in Australia

There are two entirely independent DACs on board, one dedicated to PCM and the second dedicated to DSD. This means that each format can be optimised for the best performance. In addition it has an analogue volume control that can be bypassed if desired.

Warwick continued:

In tests we did with our first sample to arrive we were blown away by the sound quality on offer at this price. The DAC8 DSD is capable of doing everything necessary to convert every form of digital source into analogue signals at the very highest quality, including DSD right up to the highest possible resolution.

Just like the popularity of this product in Europe, we expect local enthusiasts to embrace the DAC8 DSD once they get the opportunity to hear it for themselves.

T+A PA3000HV Australia

T+A also has a fantastic range of products in the HV Series that offers true high-end performance. In particular, the PA3000HV Integrated Amplifier ($20,000 RRP) with 300 watts per channel and the MP3000HV Multi Player ($16,000 RRP) that combines a state of the art CD transport and top of the line DAC in one chassis. The Multi Players can process signals from any digital source and decode them at the highest resolution possible. If you still have a large CD collection that you want to play natively and also want to take advantage of computer playback and steaming technology then this is a product designed just for you.

T+A PA3000HV Rear

Sample stock has now arrived with more products becoming available towards the end of the year.

For more information visit Pure Music Group.

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