Synergistic Research in Australia

Posted on 26th June, 2015

Synergistic Research in Australia

National Audio Group, distributors of California based Synergistic Research have announced the Australian availability of their cable range, including speaker cables, interconnects, digital and USB, as well as power cables.

Synergistic Research say their cables are developed through objective measurements, advanced active technologies, and proprietary cable geometries. Each of the cables are voiced through a series of subjective listening tests to select the best material combinations that will enable each cable design to reproduce music that is as close to live as possible.

Each range of the cable line‐up is designed for specific applications. For example, Accelerator interconnects are engineered for long runs, balanced terminations and are said to have a typically warmer sonic signature for solid state electronics, while Acoustic Reference interconnects are engineered for vacuum tube electronics, and to gain higher resolution from solid state electronics.

The most time consuming process in developing a new cable is apparently the 'voicing'. This involves the hand fabrication of dozens of variations of each geometry. Synergistic Research sayd countless hours are spent listening for just the right combination of materials that will recreate the magic of live music. This is the commitment Synergistic Research makes to every product that leaves the factory.

Popular in audiophile circles since the 1990's, Synergistic Research AC power cables remain today at the cutting edge for power cords. Locally delivered Synergistic Research power cables also feature Australian plugs.

Many of the Synergistic Research cables and other products incorporate “Active Shielding.” This AC powered system puts a DC current on the cable shield. According to Synergistic Research this “serves to improve detail and top to bottom frequency extension”. Active Shielding has been applied not only to the best interconnects and speaker cables in the range, but also to the AC cables, line conditioners, and most recently to the Tranquility Base isolation platforms (also now available). The Tranquility Base, which not only provides high level resonance control for critical audio electronics, but also electrical conditioning of the component itself.

Con Dikeos, Managing Director of National Audio Group told StereoNET:

Synergistic Research offers some of the finest cables, isolation and acoustic products in the world. Internationally, this year the Synergistic Research demonstration rooms have won ‘Best of Show’ at every major show to date. Discerning audio enthusiasts have been trusting Synergistic Research for years, and we're pleased to now make the entire range available in this country.

Synergistic Research is available now from selected specialist retailers within Australia, and dealer enquiries are welcome.

For more information visit National Audio Group.

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