SVS Release Their Most Powerful Subwoofers Yet

Posted on 9th October, 2016

SVS Release Their Most Powerful Subwoofers Yet

As one of the most widely recognised subwoofer brands in the world, SVS have announced a pair of new flagship models in their lineup; the 16-Ultra Series.

Just like the hugely popular 13-Ultra series, the new 16-Ultra series features a ported and a sealed model. Utilising a 16” subwoofer with 8” edge-wound voice-coil, SVS says this innovation ensures ultra-low distortion and pinpoint control at the highest drive levels, which results in incredible output and low frequency extension, with accuracy in frequency response and speed in transients.

SVS Ultra-16 Lifestyle

SVS's implementation of the SLEDGE amplifier sees the power output rise from 1000w in the previous series, to 1500 watts continuous and 5000+ watts peak power.

The DSP and room tuning ability of SVS's subwoofers was already impressive, but the 16-Ultra series sees the release of SVS's groundbreaking app for both Apple and Android devices. If you've ever had to do the 'subwoofer crawl', or run back and forth between the subwoofer and the listening position while tuning your bass, you'll appreciate this.

SVS Ultra-16 Control App

Aside from moving the DSP controls and interface to the front of the sub, the ability to remain in the listening position and tweak volume, crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and all other DSP functions is invaluable. With an Analog Devices 50-MHz digital signal processor (DSP) with 56-bit filtering, you can precisely dial-in the perfect amount of low frequency energy and ensure it is unleashed at just the right time and just the right frequency.

Bi-directional feedback shows adjustments in real time on both the app and subwoofer interface and Bluetooth connectivity allows control, even when the subwoofer is out of sight.

Gary Yacoubian, SVS President and Managing Partner said:

I challenged our engineering team to create a signature subwoofer line for the entire industry and not just for SVS and to push the boundaries of innovation and performance as much as possible.
We set out to create the reference standard for all subwoofers and shake the foundations of the audio world by making this level of world class experience available to more people than ever before, and I think the world will agree with me. We did it.

Shane Lewis, Director of Final Link Audio who distributes SVS in Australia told StereoNET:

We're really excited about SVS's latest release. Combined with their entire speaker line-up, SVS now offer one of the most technologically advanced subwoofers on the planet. Early reviews overseas describe the 16-Ultra series as the best and smartest subs on the market, regardless of price.

Manufacturing of PB16-Ultra (Ported - $4,299 RRP) and SB-16 ULTRA (Sealed - $3,699 RRP) has commenced, and stock will be available in Australia from mid-late November this year.

For more information visit Final Link Audio.

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