Stealth Acoustics Invisible Loudspeakers

Posted on 27th January, 2014

Stealth Acoustics Invisible Loudspeakers

Stealth Acoustics offer a range of speaker products installed just like a drywall patch of plaster. Once installed they become invisible, pleasing all members of the family.

The AV industry is infamous for being a boys’ club. Fully paid up members even have their own code. So when the guys gather and whisper the acronym ‘WAF’ they all know what each other means.Most know that the 'Wife Acceptance Factor' can make or break an audiophile’s dream system. In some cases the “WAF” factor has been known to reduce a macho man to tears.

But in these times, we should really talk about the ‘PAF’ factor. Partner acceptance has and should be factored in to any hi-fi or AV purchase because it’s a powerful influence in any AV purchase, particularly when it concerns speakers.

Thanks to forward thinking brands such as Speakercraft and the invention of architectural or so-called ‘in-wall' speakers back in the 90’s, the PAF factor doesn’t loom as large as it once did.

Speakercraft did us all a favour when it responded with a neat solution and a new genre of speakers after the company was asked to come up with a design for a music system suitable for a motorhome. Stealth’s design criteria was simple: No visual cabinets.

From that moment the PAF factor was diminished by a horde of creative in-wall speakers entering the market courtesy of Stealth Acoustics, Niles, Tannoy, Monitor Audio, B&W and Dynaudio and others.

The rest is history. Since then the custom audio industry has been booming.  A huge number of brands now have an array of products to fit different sized installations and the expectations of house-proud owners of AV systems.

Monitor Audio even offer the Platinum In-Wall which incorporates the full range of drivers from their Platinum tower speakers, built into a hand constructed cabinet. Brace yourselves though folks as they are $4380 each.

More recently however there has been a growing market for Invisible speakers. Yes you heard that right, invisible. Take Stealth Acoustics for example. They offer a range of products which are actually installed just like a drywall patch of plaster. Once installed, they can be lightly plastered over, sanded back and painted.

Take a look at the installation process:

I must confess, having been around AV all my life, I was a little sceptical about a speaker you cover over with plaster. I was expecting it to sound like somebody talking to me with their hand over their mouth. They are however truly excellent. 

Starting at $849 a pair for the LR6, all the way up to their $1999 3 way LR3 these beauties are sure to give you exceptional surround sound even if you are one half of a truly horrific PAF relationship!

Stealth Acoustics is distributed in Australia by Qualifi.

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