Posted on 24th April, 2018


StereoNET can now reveal an exciting bit of news that will have fans of Stax Electrostatic headphones celebrating in anticipation.

The audio tom-toms are quiet, but we can tell you as a fact that headphone supremo Stax will release a spanking new flagship model called the SR-009S on the opening day of the Fujiya Headphone Festival, which runs from April 28-29.

We can also tell you the new top model has a sizzling 5Hz to 42kHz reproduction quality thanks to its use of the very latest generation of thinned Electrode Membranes (MLER2).

These membranes have a new geometry of air reduction holes, and thanks to the membranes’ gilded surfaces that have a high specific gravity, they are able to suppress unwanted vibrations to a low level not achievable before.

Stax refined its thinned electrode membranes after using them to great success in the current SR009 model.

Part of the design sees the edge of the electrode holes smoothed after etching to reduce air resistance and give it an even flow.  Gold plating was also used to add just enough mass to the membranes to ensure they have ample rigidity.

As for resonances being stored in the SR009S ear cups, there won’t be any because Stax builds them from machined aluminium.

The new SR-009S is a push-pull electrostatic headphone with large circular sound elements built into an open-air enclosure.

The frequency response is 5-42,000Hz and the electrostatic capacitance including cable measures 110pF.

The SR-009S’s impedance is 145k ohm including cable, and the sensitivity is rated at 101 db. Weight is 583 grams including cable.

The SR-009S is designed to work with any Stax desktop power amplifier.

Price for the SR009S will be released at the Tokyo Fair, but it’s expected they will have an RRP of about $5200 Euro. The current SR-009 sells for about $5999 so we can expect an Australian price of about $6000.

For more information visit Stax.

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