Posted on 9th April, 2018


It’s been a roller coaster ride for Spotify recently as it listed on the New York stock market hoping to pull in the big money.

The launch was tempered by Sony’s decision to reduce its holding in the prime music streaming provider. This didn’t stop Spotify from releasing a teaser hinting that what it’s about to release in New York on April 24, is special.

Pundits are betting the announcement hints at Spotify's unveiling of a piece of hardware.

Some believe the teaser has much to do with Spotify’s voice controls for its iPhone apps. It’s been widely known these controls have been beta tested recently, and the news announcement may just presage that the controls will be integrated into the app.

If correct this is small potatoes as far as a special Spotify event goes. Surely this much intrigue hints at something a little more important. A special product worthy of a special event, perhaps?

Speculation as to what this may entail dismisses the idea of a powered speaker to take on those from Sonos or Apple’s Homepod.

With more wireless, portable speakers on the market than fleas on a mangy pooch, this idea holds little currency.

The smart money is on a portable piece of hardware such as in-car audio hardware. In this case, voice control makes sense.

Spotify has teased consumers in the past with a mooted portable, music device. A while back it was widely reported Spotify was keen on a wee wearable device called the Pebble Core that had a captive 3G connection.

Word was Spotify was going to team up with developers to stream music through Pebble Core. It all came to nothing with Pebble losing money and subsequently selling its tech to Fitbit.

Even so, rumours of an in-car smart player abound fuelled by Spotify’s invite to seemingly random selected customers via their app back in February, to subscribe US$12.99 per month for a new device.

All will be revealed on April 24. Watch this space.

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