SOUND & VISION Festival - Rega

Posted on 15th April, 2015

SOUND & VISION Festival - Rega

What can you expect to see from Rega at the upcoming SOUND & VISION Festival at AudioTrends, Melbourne May 29th - 31st?

Rega, design and manufacture an individual range of electronics and turntables that suit those looking for the finest in audio engineering.

Made entirely in the UK, Rega take a thoughtful, considered approach to design. Their first moving coil cartridge took more than four years to develop and was only released once Rega were completely happy with it. It remains a masterpiece in cartridge design!

With turntables starting at around $500 and electronics around $1,000, entry onto the Rega road is rather affordable. At the other end of their line-up, the $8,000 RP10 with Apheta II cartridge is a state of the art high-end turntable desired by audio connoisseurs worldwide.

After 40 years, Rega is growing from strength to strength. Manufacturing is still done by hand in Essex UK, with a team of craftsman and engineers at the helm, the future looks bright for Rega. Come and listen to some old classics and some contemporary hits with one of the world’s best turntable brands. At the festival, Rega will display the whole range up to the RP8.

For more information on the SOUND & VISION Festival, proudly supported by StereoNET, visit

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