SOUND & VISION Festival - Primare

Posted on 15th April, 2015

SOUND & VISION Festival - Primare

What can you expect to see from Primare at the upcoming SOUND & VISION Festival at AudioTrends, Melbourne May 29th - 31st.

It’s no surprise talented engineers in a country like Sweden have turned to making world class audio gear during the nine months of the year they can’t venture outside!

It’s the same reason Australia is more famous for surfing brands. Climate has a lot to do with industry but the last thing Primare Electronics could be accused of is sounding cold. Indeed the range of Primare products can best be described as endearingly musical yet with the muscle to deliver music with the dynamics it deserves.

The full range including DACs, Streamers, Amplifiers & Universal Disc Players will all be on show at the upcoming festival.

Primare has taken their Streaming, DAC & Preamplifier expertise and applied it to what they say is their best sounding front end ever.

They then turned their patented Class D Ultra Fast Power Device (UFPD) technology up to 11 to create their most impressive amplifier yet. The new Pre60 Preamp/DAC/Streamer & A60 Stereo Power Amp sit at the very top of Primare’s high end range and combine the “iron fist in a velvet glove’ approach to producing striking sound that is easy on the ear that they have adhered to for so long.

Prepare to be impressed at the depth of engineering this new Primare pairing brings to the table. You can see it first hand at the SOUND & VISION Festival. All in one place, at one time.

For more information on the SOUND & VISION Festival, proudly supported by StereoNET, visit

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