Posted on 22nd October, 2017


There's a new shop on Melbourne's block when it comes to HiFi stores. Sound Gallery's proprietor, John Ong, is no stranger to the industry having worked in many stores over the last two decades.

And you don’t need to guess which display will be chock full to the rafters at this year’s Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show.

Any room displaying a suite of gear from Micromega, Bel Canto, Franco Serblin, Gold Note, Solid Tech, Taoc, Digibit, Tara Labs, Weiss Engineering, Gigawatt, Audia Flight and Wilson Benesch has our attention, and yours.

This well-stocked treasure trove of leading brands and models is also the vehicle Sound Gallery will use to showcase brand new models.

Micromega, for example, will have its new M-100, a svelte 100 watts per channel integrated amplifier with DAC Airplay, Bluetooth aptX, LAN-Network 24bit /384kHz Asynchronous, SPDIF Coax-Opto-AES 24bit / 768kHz USB asynchronous passing DXD, DSD, and DOP.

It also has Phono MM / MC, Analogue balanced and unbalanced inputs, and DSP with optional automatic room correction (M.A.R.S); all contained in one amazingly compact module.

Bel Canto will debut the Black ACI-600 flagship and all-in-one model built to manage and control the complex number of audio sources we use today.

Ease of use is paramount for the ACI-600 so manually pressing and rotating the control dial on top of the ACI-600 adjusts volume levels and allows access to control your system’s functions. Or you operate the ACI-600 by using the supplied IR custom remote control. The third option is to use your iPhone/iPad loaded with the Bel Canto’s custom iOS remote app.

Gold Note Pianosa Turntable

One more product that will cause audiophile pulses to race is sure to be Gold Note’s new Pianosa turntable that features a curved plinth in Italian hardwood walnut, and a 20mm thick MDF plinth reinforced with a 3mm stainless steel plate.

Noise levels are vanishingly low and the Pianosa’s speed stability matches or exceeds that of the very best turntables.

All of this is just a sample of the high-caliber products that Sound Gallery will be showcasing. Room 1205 is a must-visit room of the three-day show.

Melbourne International HiFi Show
November 3rd - 5th 2017. Pullman Mercure Hotel.
Queens Road, Albert Park. Melbourne.

Tickets on sale now.

For more information visit Sound Gallery.

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