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23rd January, 2018

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Now here’s a novel idea: gather a horde of compact self-powered, wireless speakers, daisy chain them all and what you get is a wall of sound that belies their tiny individual size.

The new speakers are called Soundots, and they were unveiled to wide acclaim at the recent Las Vegas CES Show.

The brains trust behind this clever sonic technology is an outfit from Sweden called Sound Dimensions AB.

Researchers in the company have done their homework. The Soundots not only sound good, but they’re also ergonomically brilliant as well.

Visitors to the CES watched in amazement as the brand’s Frederik Gunnarson put a couple of Soundots together and played some music.

The two speakers magically linked together magnetically with internal lights blinking a different colour and then turned blue as they shared the same track.

Gunnarsson then added a third speaker. This docked magnetically to the first pair with lights flashing furiously before turning blue and playing the same music.

The sound not only increased in volume and intensity, but it also dug deeper into the bass as well.

Every time a speaker is added, the sound goes up another notch by 6dB, effectively doubling sound level output.

Ingeniously, anyone with a deep wallet (each Soundot costs US$290) can realistically build a floor-to-ceiling wall of Soundots.

The speakers synchronize very cleverly. Peer at the top centre of a Soundot, and you’ll spot several circular dots. Spin the speaker around, and you’ll see similar dots on underneath and on each side of the speaker enclosure.

Each dot is an infrared transmitter and receiver used by each Soundot to talk to other tiny Soundots as they move close to each other.

When lots of Soundots are scaled, the grills give the appearance of one integrated grill. One Soundot acts like a techno-Queen Bee and as the master unit it will process a Bluetooth or optical data stream that can be crunched up to 24/192 as the signal is sent to the other Soundots.

The concept has legs, and it’s easy to see a smart TV streaming movie soundtracks to a wall of Soundots. Or a smart device sending a music stream to walls of Soundots around an office or home.

The Soundots are also flexible. A built-in battery is said to be good for up to 8-hours of music playback making them a portable sound solution.

The app for Soundots is available for iOS devices from the apple store and on Google Play for Android equipment.

No answer as to when they may be available officially in Australia yet.

Originally published as Sound Dimensions Joins The Dots

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