Soulines Turntables Now in Australia

Posted on 27th October, 2014

Soulines Turntables Now in Australia

Radiance Audio Visual, distributors of brands including Chord Electronics, Kharma, Vicoustic and many more, have announced their exclusive distribution rights for Soulines turntables.

Soulines, from Serbia, have been manufacturing turntables since 2009. Being discerning music lovers and trained musicians with solid experience in recording, mixing, production and sound restoration on the one side and trained mechanical engineers on the other, they decided to commercialise their long-time hobby and passion, and Soulines was born.

Soulines' philosophy is simple. “We do not believe in extravagant (complicated) engineering and materials. Simple engineering and clever material selection usually gives the best results. Our production is not a cost-optimized manufacturing process. Our turntables are essentially handmade, supported by high technology of CAD and 3D-SW design software, and CNC manufacturing.”

There are four turntables in the lineup, Kubrick, Elgar, Hermes, and Dostoyevsky, all inspired by their famous namesakes.

Dostoyevsky DCX

The Dostoyevsky DCX is intended for the buyers who want a classical looking (square design, natural wood finish), great sounding, quality executed and reasonably priced turntable. The main parts such as bearing, platter, drive
and chassis are all of the highest quality, and the design is open for further tweaking, upgrades and experimentation by means of using different cones, platforms, tone-arm cable, clamp, motor units, etc.

Price $3500.00 RRP excluding tonearm.

Hermes DCX

The Hermes DCX is intended for the fashionable public, new or re-entering the world of vinyl reproduction, who want to have a great sounding contemporary looking turntable, easy fit in modern or classic interiors, representing not only a high quality sound source, but becoming an interesting part of the interior as well. Hermes DCX is available in different colors.

Price $4200.00 RRP excluding tonearm.

Elgar DCX

The Elgar uses a highly rigid main plinth constructed of two massive blocks machined from solid aluminum, bolted together and damped accordingly, and a 50/10mm diameter aluminum pipe, forming together a T-shaped structure. Employing this kind of design provides perfect balance for the plinth itself, by reducing the moment of inertia in all three planes (along all three axes) to the center of mass, and thus, gaining uniform vibration damping.

The aluminum sub-plinth is designed to accept any tone-arm utilizing SME mounting scheme standard,and additional acrylic arm boards for Jelco/Linn and Rega/Origin Live type arms are included, along with 6mm high aluminum spacers for right VTA setting. The platter, 40mm thick and weighing 3.2kg, is machined from laminated acrylic to very high accuracy. High-performance rubber-cork mat is supplied as a standard.

Price $5000.00 RRP excluding tonearm.

Kubrick DCX

Kubrick DCX, is the flagship model intended for buyers who are looking for an affordable high-end turntable in a compact package, extremely well designed and executed, easy to set-up and use, packed with lots of accessories; 3 different arm-boards for 9” SME, Rega/Origin Live and Jelco/Linn/Ortofon tone-arms, 2 sets of VTA spacers, acrylic cover.

A Kubrick DCX fitted with a Jelco SA750D tone-arm and a decent MM/MC cartridge is an extremely well performing complete design, yet at the same time it is open for future upgrades.

Price $6200.00 RRP excluding tonearm.

Radiance have also made available Tonar/Jelco SA250 tonearm ($1290.00 RRP) and Tonar/Jelco SA750 tonearm ($1510.00 RRP).

All Soulines turntable come with a 3 year limited warranty.

Chris Strom, Operations Manager at Radiance Audio Visual told StereoNET, “Radiance AV are proud to bring Soulines to Australia for the first time. All Soulines turntables and tonearms are instock and available now, and dealer enquiries are welcome.”

For more information visit Radiance Audio Visual.

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