Sony Announces NWZ-A15 Walkman

Posted on 8th September, 2014

Sony Announces NWZ-A15 Walkman

As the definition of just what is considered “Hi-Res” audio continues to be debated, Sony, the Japanese audio and technology giant have released a range of products enabling the discerning music enthusiast more ways to enjoy good sound while on the move.

Sony NWZ-A15 Portable Hi-Res Audio WalkmanThe growing Head-Fi market has seen new opportunities for brands, both start-ups and those already established, to offer portable products that deliver high-fidelity sound. The humble MP3 is being shunned in favour of FLAC and other “lossless” audio formats. Storage media is increasing in capacity while coming down in price, hi-res download stores are popping up and products like Pono, and the coming iPhone's rumoured ability to natively play back lossless audio tracks is certainly increasing consumer hi-res audio awareness.

Packing processing power and quality circuitry into these devices, while remaining small in form factor and light in weight is one of the challenges facing manufacturers, but one would be mad to think a company with Sony's resources could not overcome this challenge.

Challenge accepted. As part of this new range, Sony have unveiled their brand new NWZ-A15 which they pitch as “the world's smallest and lightest High-Resolution Audio digital music player”. They've also added in “exquisitely stylish” too, just to flex their muscles.

With a 2.2-inch, 320 x 240 screen, the NWZ-A15 is also efficient, boasting up to 30 hours battery life with high-res music, and even 50 hours with MP3 files.

It's also versatile, with playback compatibility for FLAC (192kHz/24bit), ALAC, MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, WMA, WAV and AIFF.

Also included is FM Radio, internal storage of 16 GB, as well as the provision for microSD external storage.

Finally, with Bluetooth capability including the aptX codec, you can also stream CD-quality (44kHz/16bit) audio from your smartphone or other devices.

Sony have not skimped on the construction of the NWZ-A15, with lead-free solder used throughout the internal component connections, as well as “thickened wires” connecting the internal power supply.

“The rigid aluminium die-cast chassis further reduces electrical noise and stabilises sound reproduction” according to Sony.

The NWZ-A15 will be available from November 2014, with a very impressive RRP of just $249.00. We're tipping this will see it hit a few wish lists this Christmas.

Astell & Kern are no doubt watching this one closely.

For more information visit Sony Australia.

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