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At IFA in Berlin today, Sony has lifted the lid so to speak on it's 8,500 Euros (AUD $13,695) DMP-Z1 Digital Audio Player.

StereoNET UK was in Berlin at the press launch of Sony's new IER-Z1R earphones and wallet-smashing DMP-Z1 digital music player.

Sony's DMP-Z1 is a top-flight digital music player that combines high-fidelity sound quality with a luxurious design and rich functionality.

Firstly, The DMP-Z1’s H-shaped aluminium chassis presents a high rigidity frame structure that eliminates vibration and reduces resistance. Also, isolation of the amplifier board by physically separating the amp board and main board is said to also reduce noise. This isolation blocks noise and provides areas for connecting to ground on each board via connection to the chassis.

The player supports PCM 32 bit/384 kHz and DSD 11.2 MHz. The DMP-Z1 uses a customised high-end analogue rotary volume controller which is copper plated, followed by gold plating.

Moreover, it supports volume control for four separate signal paths (L+ / L- / R+ / R-). The upshot of which is that signal purity is ensured and that the DMP-1 reproduces transparent and clear vocals.

Furthermore, it maximises the DAC chip performance by retaining all audio source information even at low volume levels.

You know that you're into audio puritan realms when the player packs not one, but two digital-to-analogue converters (DAC) and analogue amplifiers. The two independent AK4497EQ mono DACs produce an exceptionally low noise floor as well as native support for ultra-high-resolution audio formats. Together, with the TPA6120A2 amplifier chips, the sound at the show through the display unit was incredible.

Power comes by way of five battery cells. The five cells drive both digital and analogue amplification circuits independently for enhanced dynamics and reduced internal electromagnetic interference. By isolating the power delivery from conventional AC power supplies, you enjoy both a more open treble response and tighter bass delivery without the harshness transmitted through AC line noise.

Finally, you can personalise your preferred sound with the DSD Remastering Engine. Using this tool you can convert all PCM music sources into DSD 5.6MHz. The newly developed Vinyl Processor feature can “recreate the acoustic phenomena unique to vinyl playback”. So, the effect of tone-arm resonance, as well as the sound character created by audible feedback from the speakers to the turntable is digitally imposed; should that be your thing.

The DMP-Z1 also includes newly developed DSEE HX with an improved algorithm to enhance and supplement the ability for high range expression.

Pricing is being reported as a staggering 8,500 Euros! Our quick conversion puts that at AUD $13,695. No word of course on actual Australian pricing and availability yet though.

For more information visit Sony.

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