Posted on 10th May, 2018


Italian marquee speaker brand Sonus faber could launch new models on Mars, and the reception would still be huge and positive back on planet earth.

Such is the repute and cachet value of this boutique brand that the launch of the new Sonetto range at Munich's High End Show opening today, would be something of a show highlight.

Considering the range comprises eight models, this is a significant launch by Sonus faber, timed perfectly to attract maximum clout at what is the world’s best top-end audio show.

A sneak preview left us with no doubt; there’s no mistaking the Sonetto speakers for anything else. The exterior finish and curvaceous cabinet styling are Sonus faber through and through.

The new range is a statement of Sonus faber’s goal. Which is to build speakers drawing on a timeless tradition of Italian culture and craftsmanship and combine it with current technological innovation, in order to make speakers that immerse listeners in pure, natural sound. Livio Cucuzza, Sonus faber chief designer, told StereoNET:

The new Sonus faber Sonetto collection was born exactly from this consciousness, the consciousness of what we were, what we are and what we want to be.

The word “Sonetto” is Italian for a sonnet. Clearly, Sonus faber sees the new speakers as embodying the ethereal qualities of a poem.

The collection features eight models: Sonetto VIII, Sonetto V, and Sonetto III, which are floor standing models. The Sonetto II and Sonetto 1 are bookshelf models. The Sonetto Centre II and Sonetto Centre 1 are centre channel models flanked by the versatile Sonetto Wall which is an on-wall model.

The Sonetto speakers are endowed with the iconic Sonus faber Lute shaped cabinets and each speaker is hand built at the brand’s factory in, Vicenza Italy.

A front baffle finished with gunmetal aluminium sets off the curved sides of each speaker. Down-firing reflex ports give the new speakers greater flexibility for placement in different room environments.

Available finishes are matte white, piano black and wood.

Australia's Sonus faber distributor, Synergy Audio Visual have not yet confirmed Australian pricing and a release date, but you can rest assured StereoNET has lined up a full review when the range lands.

For more information visit Sonus faber, or click here to follow our rolling coverage of the High End Show in Munich.


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